The home page of the Multimodal Stories for Language and Cultural Exchange Wiki, which was set up to house the digital stories from all of the schools, had a welcome message in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

The wiki included a professional development page for teachers, project newsletters, and pages for the students' stories and comments.

Welcome to the ACC Digital wiki, where you will have the chance to exchange digital stories with students from Guilin (桂林), Perth (珀斯), or Shanghai (上海). This is an exciting opportunity to improve your language learning (Chinese or English!) and find out more about students like you who live in another country (China or Australia!). Your teacher will explain how you will work in groups to create three digital stories and exchange them with students at partner schools overseas. The students at the partner schools will act as your 'teachers', offering you feedback and suggestions to help you improve your stories. At the same time, you will act as their 'teachers', helping them improve their own stories. Along the way, you will learn a lot about language and culture. You will make some new friendships too!


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